Third Time’s a Charm

I hate to say it but I had always loathed having to read Shakespeare; it seemed so hard, boring, and too much work. I had seen the ASC perform a few years ago at my school, Murray State University, but only went because it was required for my Humanities class. It wasn’t until this semester, taking a required Shakespeare class, that I finally fell in love.

I’ve had an amazing professor who finally made it fun, which is key. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she presents it in a way that makes sense. It was no longer boring or hard to understand, it finally clicked and now I am hooked.

Again this semester, we were required to go to one performance of the ASC’s performances but I ended up going to all of them. There was something different this time for me. I was completely mesmerized by the actors, understood the language, and was pulled into the stories.

I can’t wait to visit Staunton and see the actors perform on their home stage!

– Tracy French


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