Falling in love with Romeo and Juliet

My first experience with Shakespeare was the obligatory high school freshman year reading of Romeo and Juliet. Nothing like bored, uninterested adolescents stumbling their way through Shakespeare’s beautiful words to turn most of us away from the Bard of Avon’s work. I was determined to never come face to face with anything remotely connected with Shakespeare.

Fortune smiled on me when in college – I was able to experience Shakespeare done well and I fell in love with Shakespeare and his work. Over the years I have seen and enjoyed many Shakespeare productions done by various companies but I never wanted to endure another round of Romeo and Juliet.

Two years ago, my daughter introduced me to ASC and the Blackfriars Playhouse and since then we have been thoroughly entertained at number of amazing productions.

When I saw Romeo and Juliet on this year’s schedule, I was going to skip it. Then my friend and I decided to celebrate our daughters’ birthdays by attending Romeo and Juliet.

And this was a decision that I have not regretted for the show was fabulous. I found myself laughing heartily at the antics of the young men, holding my breath and drawing back during the fighting, and wanting to jump to Juliet’s defense when her father was angry with her. Then almost in tears in the final scene.

Job well done and thanks for letting me fall in love with Romeo and Juliet.

– Monica Daniels, Romeo and Juliet convert


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