Living the Dream

It was opening night for A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Sept ’01.  Back before I started working at the Blackfriars.  There had been all of the hoopla related to the first public performance in the playhouse and everyone was taking a break before the show began.

Back then, I was hesitant to go up on the stage, but I screwed up my nerve and went up.  I just stood there gobsmacked at how wonderful it was (I still like to watch that reaction in others when they first see the theater).  After a few seconds (or minutes), I realized Ralph was standing next to me.  I knew him then through Mary Baldwin College, but not well, and I thanked him for making this dream come true.  He replied that many people dreamed it to make it happen but I reminded him that he had dreamed it first.

Right then, I decided I would find a way to become part of it.  It took nearly a year but I finally managed it and it is now one of my proudest boasts that I’m the ASC Jack-of-All-Trades.

– Sam Koogler, ASC J.O.A.T.


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