Macbeth on my Motorbike

My first visit to ASC was solely by accident.  I was on a motorcycle ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway with friends.  We ate lunch at the corner coffee shop [Coffee on the Corner] next to ASC.  I looked up and saw the banners advertising the various shows in performance.

My friends and I decided to try one out.  I had studied ren literature in college but had not revisited it since then, many years ago.  As I have found out is usual, gallant stools were available for that show and offered to those in attendance.  I took the offer and sat on the upper stage right gallant stool.  The performance was Macbeth during the summer touring season.

During a scene in the middle of the performance, Denice Mahler, playing Queen Macbeth came out of the door upper stage right and came over to me in the middle of a very eloquent soliloquy.  She put her hand on my left shoulder and locked my eyes into her speech.  I was hooked.  I am fortunate to say I have seen every play, at least once, since then, some five years ago.  Denice is my favorite actress in the world for opening my heart to such wonderful theatre.

But I must say, I have come to enjoy, admire and appreciate the performances of many fine actors at ASC.  I can only say, in mere words, thanks for what you do and portray and the emotional, personal and professional values you all have allowed me to experience and share with you all.  I can only wish that it never comes to an end, another 25, 50, a 100 years more I say.

The staff and volunteers are the best at ASC and I thank them all for such kindness to me and for taking care of my upper right stage gallant stool, where I have sat for every performance I have been privileged to attend.  Thanks all.

– Jerry Patterson, Richmond, VA


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