Much Ado about Love

I moved to Staunton in August of 2009 to get my MFA in Shakespeare. I had seen the touring troupe’s Hamlet and The Comedy of Errors when I visited campus the spring before, but had yet to see the resident troupe in action. My first day in town – August 19th – I put up a Facebook status that said “If you are in Staunton, I’m planning on seeing Much Ado tonight… see you there?!”

Amanda and Dan's Wedding

Amanda and Dan’s Wedding

Aside from my new roommates, the classmate who took me up on my offer was Dan Trombley. Dan and I spent the next 3 years learning together and seeing plays as well as performing in plays on the Blackfriars Stage. I’m not saying that all the Shakespeare and poetry made us fall in love… but it certainly didn’t hurt.

In May of 2012, Dan and I got married one week before we graduated with our MFAs. As we went through memorabilia to prepare for our wedding, we found we’d both kept the ticket stub from seeing Much Ado the night we met. I guess we knew it was an important night!

The ASC and the people we met there will always be a part of our love story..

– Amanda Trombley, Phoenix, AZ, Graduate of the MBC MLitt/MFA Program


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