The One-Man ASC Tour

This year, I decided to record how many times I went to the Blackfriars and how many shows I saw.

During the 2012/13 Year, I saw a total of 60 performances over 46 visits. After doing the math, I discovered that 46 trips to Staunton works out to about 8,300 miles driven (I am a tour unto myself).

My favorite play of the year was The Duchess of Malfi, with CymbelineThe Two Gentlemen of VeronaKing John, and The Custom of the Country rounding out the Top 5.

– Barry Jurek, Linden, VA, No Kidding Shakespeare Camper and ASC Enthusiast

Barry’s Year of Shakespeare by the Numbers:

  • Barry drove 8,300 miles to and from the Blackfriars Playhouse this past year. The 2012/13 Tempt Me Further tour traveled 11,819 miles total (excluding return trips to Staunton). That means that Barry drove 70% of an ASC Tour!
  • Mileage-wise, Barry could have made the round-trip from Staunton to Anchorage, AK for just a few miles more than he drove.
  • BarrysMapOR, for 3,500 fewer miles, Barry could have driven from Ancona, Italy to Verona, then onto London and Milford-Haven, with a final stop in Lisbon, Portugal for a tour of landmarks in each of his TOP 5 shows from the 2012/13 Artistic Year.
  • On average, Barry saw 1.3 shows on each of his visits.
  • Barry drove an average of 138.3 miles for each performance he saw.

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